Developer Partner Program

The CodeGPT Developer Partner Program is a program designed to train programmers and companies to create artificial intelligence applications and services, specifically, LLM models on the CodeGPT Plus API.

Our goal is to facilitate the ecosystem of solutions based on the CodeGPT Plus platform, promoting high quality standards, information security and encouraging the creation of innovative solutions with AI through a simple plug&play solution.

Be a partner

Be a Partner

Working together for a better AI

Upon obtaining the "Certified Developer of CodeGPT" title via our DPP, you'll join an exclusive developers community. Meeting the certification requirements, including passing an online exam and maintain an active subscription to CodeGPT Plus, grants you benefits like early resource access, unique job opportunities, collaborative projects, and support from a "Developer Relations" advisor.

Software Factory or Consultant

Certified CodeGPT Consulting Firms offer comprehensive services from discovery to custom solution deployment using our API. Prerequisites include legal establishment, a Certified Developer on the team, mantain an active subscription to CodeGPT Plus and secure hosting of solutions. Benefits include early platform tool access, marketplace visibility, event participation, dedicated support, and the ability to publish solutions.

Apps or Solutions

CodeGPT's Certified Solutions and Applications allow certified entities to create and verify functional, value-adding solutions. Adherence to good practices and ethical tech use guidelines is required. Benefits include solution visibility in the CodeGPT app catalogue, commercial advice to users, and access to educational resources.