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AI Pair Programing

Unlock the Power of Your Own AI Agents:
Integrate Personalized Context and Knowledge Across all Coding Languages.

CodeGPT Extension

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AI Copilots/GPTs
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Easily Train Your AI Copilots/GPTs with Your Own Files on the Playground. Create and Share a Copilot in Just 5 Minutes, or Achieve Custom AI Copilot Solutions Seamlessly Through the API


Why CodeGPT?

AI Pair Programming

A always free extension for VS Code that boost coding abilities using chat assistant and code completion. Simply download the extension, add your own API key and start AI-coding for free.

Design your own AI Copilots

Enhanced solution that allows AI agents creation with specific context information, so you can design your own AI copilots and integrate it wherever you want!

Low Code AI API

API connection to develop AI-powered apps effortlessly handling all the complexities of fine-tuning LLMs so you can focus on creating without the technical issues.

Our VSCode Extension provides seamless connectivity to world-class AI LLM providers

Artificial Intelligence OpenAI
Microsoft Azure AI
Google AI Chatbot
Anthropic AI App
Hugging Face
GPT 4 All
AI 21 Labs

...and vector databases.



Discuss and talk about AI with AI

How to create your own AI Chatbot in less than 5 minutes

Learn How to Upload Your Own Information, Create an AI Agent, and Share a Chatbot with the World in Less Than 5 Minutes.

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Have a question? Read through our FAQs below. If you can't
find an answer, please email our support team.

CodeGPT+ is your enhanced AI pair programmer. You only have to create an account, login and get access to our playground and its advanced functionalities, including context management, AI agents creation, seamless GitHub repo synchronization (coming soon), and much more. It's free to use with your own OpenAI and Pinecone API keys. Paid plan subscriptions include limited OpenAI credits with GPT-4 and access to our API for customize development.

CodeGPT allows you to use the extension with your preferred AI provider. All you need to do is obtain your API key from one of the available AI providers (OpenAI, Google, Microsoft, Cohere, AI21, Anthropic, GPT4All, or HuggingFace) and simply enter it inside the extension. You can check our Documentation for more details on how to get this API key. In the section “Basics - Installation” you'll find step-by-step guidance.

These external providers are paid services, although they may offer limited usage for free.

At CodeGPT we prioritize protecting and respecting your privacy. When you use our services with your own API key to connect to OpenAI or any other AI provider, your prompt and content goes directly through the AI provider's server. We want to assure you that we neither store nor access this data, ensuring that it remains fully subject to the privacy policy of the AI provider you select.

We may collect information provided during account creation, such as names, contact details, and company affiliations. Also we employ cookies for various purposes including analytics and marketing, and collect usage metrics. All of this data is used for the purpose of providing and improving the service.

If you are using the OpenAI provider, you have to make sure you have available balance in your API account, which (by the way) is different from the ChatGPT subscription plan. This error message indicates that you have hit your maximum monthly spend (hard limit) for the API. You can check for more details in the following OpenAI link.

We kindly remind you that when you use your own API keys it is your responsibility to cover the costs associated with your AI provider's usage.

Our extension is available only on Visual Studio Marketplace, but we have plans to extend it to other IDEs. If you have installed a plugin in JetBrains Marketplace that resembles ours, please be aware that it is from a different vendor and not affiliated with us.